CONTRACTORS - Earn More, Control Your Future

  • VALUE - VouchedIn is free to join, allows you to earn more of your value and provide Liability Insurance
  • ACCESS & CONTROL - No middle man negotiating between you and the employer. You have direct access to employers and can control your career
  • INSTANT - Get instant notifications on new project postings
  • MATCHMAKING - Take on projects that are the perfect fit with your particular skills
  • EARN - Receive regularly scheduled payments, plus the VouchedIn Advantage Escrow bonus upon successful completion
  • QUALITY - VouchedIn employers offer better quality, higher paying projects
  • HIRED - Get hired directly for temporary, project or even full-time work


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VouchedIn allows you to control the projects you choose to take on,
and the money you earn

Companies that work with VouchedIn recognize that their resources are better spent on engaging and retaining top professionals, rather than on the costly, time-consuming, often unreliable traditional recruiting and staffing process for temporary work. As a result, our employers find human capital that fits their needs, allowing them to save valuable time and money.

Once you complete your profile, references are checked and an optional background check is conducted, your profile can be searched by employers. It should be noted that contractors with fully completed profiles are most likely to be chosen by employers.

When an employer finds a contractor that meets their needs, the employer and contractor schedule an interview through the site and talk via phone or in person. Once an agreement is reached, employer and contractor download a standard contract to execute and move forward.

With VouchedIn Escrow Advantage: a portion of contractor's payment can be held in escrow and paid as bonus at successful completion of project.

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