EMPLOYERS - Lower Cost, Less Risk, More Control

  • VALUE - Reduce cost of turnover and missed deadlines with higher quality temps

  • OPTIONS - Staff temporary, by project or full time

  • EFFICIENT - Time to post, contract and begin project is faster than with staffing firms

  • INSURANCE - VouchedIn Escrow Advantage: a portion of contractor payment held in escrow to ensure project issue resolutions

  • SIMPLE - Notifications when action is required (interview scheduled, project offer, etc.)

  • SAFE- Professional Liability insurance is available

We’re professionals with experience in temporary and project work, and we know all too well the kinks in the current temporary staffing model.

We understand the challenges of finding and hiring good, skilled temporary professionals for your business. The result of which can mean missed deadlines, due to poor work or turnover, time and energy spent onboarding, and the cost associated with each. The flip side is finding the perfect candidate that has been vetted and confirmed to have the skills you need. That's VouchedIn!

We take the expensive middle man out and put the control back in your hands to find the right professional and financial candidates for your project or position. Post a project and begin immediately searching!


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