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What is VouchedIn?

VouchedIn is the premier resource to connect accounting professionals directly with employers.

To vouch is to speak for or support another′s work, and VouchedIn is based on this system of quality assurance.

Contractors in the VouchedIn network have been screened, allowing firms to contract with confidence and eliminating the need for costly third-party recruiters.

With no cost to join, VouchedIn is a rapidly growing professional tool, connecting trusted accountants to prospective employers and taking the contracting process online, efficiently.

VouchedIn is restricted to employers and to contractors in accounting releated fields. If you need a bookkeeper, general accountant, tax professional, internal auditor, or any role that fits within the CFO′s organization, VouchedIn contractors are ready to serve your contracting needs.

Why join VouchedIn?

There is no cost to join our network.

We give employers direct access to contract accounting professionals to meet their needs.

Employers can pay as little as 15% to contract with qualified professionals. Recruiters often charge 30% or more for the same service level. Contractors can earn more by negotiating rates directly with employers.

Employers pay less; contractors earn more; it′s online and efficient.

Is my information confidential?

All information is confidential. Any employer that has joined VouchedIn can view your profile and resume. We will not share email addresses or contact information with third parties.

What features do you plan to add?

Our plans include adding features such as direct access to professional liability insurance (E&O), online time recording to facilitate billing employers and payment to contractors, and a chamber to escrow funds to help ensure that contractors get paid for the work and that employers get the work they pay for. We also intend to add statistics on the number of employers/contractors that have joined and other relevant activity indicators. Part of the ongoing development will include functionality, so that employers rate contractors′ performance and for contractors to rate the project with the employer. In addition, testimonials of the site will be added. We will also be adding helpful links and information on salary/staffing rates and training opportunities specific to contract accounting professionals. We′re always open to your suggestions.

Who are the founders of VouchedIn?

Dan Gaffney has over 20 years of professional experience in internal audit, forensic accounting, consulting and public accounting. Dan has interviewed literally hundreds of candidates over the years for various positions. With an MBA in Leadership and Change Management, VouchedIn is a natural extension of his desire to drive change with technology. Dan has served as a mentor for several former colleagues and enjoys helping people to be successful.

Ben Lawrence has over 10 years of professional experience in corporate accounting, internal audit, consulting and public accounting. Ben has spent the last several years consulting as an independent contractor and recognized the benefit of a central point of connecting employers and contract accounting professionals.

What are the founder's aims for VouchedIn ?

We′ve collectively worked with over a hundred different recruiters (individuals and recruiting firms) throughout our careers. We′ve met some very bright and helpful recruiters that are friends today; and, we′ve also worked with some recruiters who don′t live up to our expectations for integrity and professionalism. What we′ve come to realize over the years, is that recruiters were in the business of connecting people (contractors) with companies that required staffing resources (employers), in order to make the highest profit on the arrangements.

But like the days of calling a travel agent to book a flight or working with a car salesman to get the best value in a car purchase, these businesses come down to who has the key information. And yes, there are many sites that offer job search and matching, but none of them met our needs or the needs of our clients over the past few years. They were either too big or wieldy to be of use, or they were just an extension of a staffing firm model with high rates for placement.

VouchedIn is not in the business of meeting employer′s needs for full-time employees. Our vision is to create a connection point for accounting contractors and employers, giving contractors the tools they need: connections, professional insurance resources, standard contract templates, and knowledge on pricing and their value in the equation, to help them succeed as career contractors.

We′ve been contractors providing accounting releated services to employers, and we′ve also been subcontracted to those same employers through staffing firms, merely because the staffing firm called the employer first and a project was on the table. And what we found is that the staffing firm provided no real value in the relationship, yet they made close to 50% of the fee the employer was paying.

Because the staffing firm model seemed unfair to contractors and employers we set out to give accounting contractors the connections to employers, the ability to negotiate rates directly with employers and contract directly with the employers. And we also provide access to E&O insurance that is often required by employers, as well as a chamber to hold funds in escrow and pay directly to contractors at the conclusion of key milestones-whether it be approved timesheets, specific deliverables, or completion of the project.

We set out with one objective in mind: give employers and contract accounting professionals the tools to succeed. This is the VouchedIn mission.

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Why should contractors use VouchedIn?

We′re here to support you, continually adding features that you need. There′s no cost to join, and VouchedIn is another tool to help you find projects. With an open market mentality on billing rates, you have the power to negotiate with employers on the rates they′re willing to pay for the skills you offer. Our blog will contain relevant information to help you share ideas with other contractors and with us, and we′ll continue to add interactive features.

What is the Vouch process? How does that work?

When you join the network and complete a profile, our team is notified, and we send you an email/link to complete, asking for references. We will contact those references and verify information on your profile and resume. If adverse items are noted, you will be contacted and request additional information to resolve those items.

What is the background check process?

When you join, you can elect to have a background check completed. If you choose to do this, you will be sent a link to our partner, TalentWise, and they will complete the background check. If any adverse items are identified by them, they will contact you directly to resolve those issues before completing the process and informing us. If there are items they cannot resolve, they will indicate to us that your report contains adverse items. In that case, we will review the items and determine if you will be granted access.

Why would I pay for a background check if you are already checking references?

The reference check process is evidence that others have vouched for your work. The background check is an additional assurance to potential employers that you are a quality candidate. If you choose the background check, we will refund to you the cost of the background check after an employer pays you the first time for a project. In addition, your profile will be indicated with a VouchedIn icon to show that you successfully completed the background check, which will set you apart from contractor profiles that have not opted for this.

Why do I need to complete Skills, Expertise, and Positions tabs?

The input to these tabs provides the information to ′Search′ by employers or to match you with projects. This information may be similar to your resume or may be additional content. We suggest you upload your resume in addition to completing these tabs, but the resume is not searchable content for employers.

Is my information confidential?

All information is confidential. Any employer that has joined VouchedIn can view your profile and resume. We will not share email addresses or contact information with third parties.

I′m not sure what to put in as a rate. What should I do?

The rate field is intended to be a guide when employers are searching for candidates. Employers should realize that the rate is negotiable when you work through the contract process. We intend to provide information on reasonable ranges of rates and links to available research as we continue to develop and add features to the site. We do suggest including a rate so that employers have an idea of cost for their projects.

Should I upload a resume? Who can view it?

When you join and create a profile, you should upload a current resume. The profile you create asks for information that is relevant to employers and their staffing needs. The resume is only viewable to employers who are viewing your profile; other contractors do not have access to view your profile or resume.

Who can view employers and how do I contact them?

Contractors can search posted projects on VouchedIn, but employer information is not displayed. As we build the site out further, we′ll provide information and demographics on employers that will be viewable by contractors. If you see a project posted by an employer, you can send a link to the employer, notifying them that you are interested; the employer will then respond to your link.

When I join, do I need to use VouchedIn to work with employers?

You can work with whomever you choose. If you join VouchedIn, it would be short-sighted to go directly to an employer for a posted project and circumvent our network. This could result in termination of your profile. We hope that you see value in connecting directly with employers without using recruiters, and we′re here to help you succeed.

Can I use VouchedIn to find a full time job in the accounting profession?

VouchedIn is intended to support contract professionals. If you join and find a great opportunity with an employer, we will charge a fee for the transition to full-time employment. However, our vision is to support contracting as a career, for those who enjoy the flexibility, variety of work, and want to continually grow and be challenged in this ′gig economy′.

Won′t recruiters access the site to use information?

VouchedIn is restricted to employers and contractors. When an employer joins, their contact information is sent to our professional team to be verified before their profile is activated. Similarly, when a contractor joins, they are verified and vouched into the network. We appreciate your help and request that you report information you see that appears to be from recruiters within our site.

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Why should employers use VouchedIn and not a recruiter?

Employers can still use recruiters, but if they want greater value in the accounting professionals they use for short-term needs, VouchedIn gives them access to the same contractors without the cost associated with recruiters. Our basic fee is 15% of the hourly rate, compared with 30% or more with traditional third-party recruiters. We′re not recruiters. We facilitate connections to help you meet your needs.

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