RATES - Employers Pay Less, Contractors Earn More

Without the high margins that a staffing firm takes out of negotiated rates, VouchedIn contractors can actually earn what they're worth and have a successful career as a contractor. In turn, employers get better qualified, happier and more productive contractors.

We encourage you to ask your staffing firm what the breakdown in the rate is. How much of what the employer is paying goes directly to the contractor?

  • VouchedIn’s standard rate is 15% of the final contracted fee (rather than 35-60% traditional staffing agencies take)
  • Employers may choose one of our additional services:
    • Our ShortList service selects the top three candidates for the employer’s project (5%, waived for first time)
    • Our Best Candidate service (10%, waived first time) and VouchedIn will identify the best candidate available for your project
  • Fees are paid at the contracted hourly rate: 60% to Contractor and 40% to VouchedIn Escrow. At the end of the project and with employer satisfaction, the contractor will be paid the amount in escrow as a bonus, less VouchedIn's contracting fee (15%)
  • Specialized insurance coverage can also be arranged, prior to project commencement, at a cost of $950.00
  • Employer may convert a contractor to employee for a placement fee of $10,000
  • If Contractor and Employer connect offline after meeting on VouchedIn, VouchedIn is due a finder’s fee of $10,000


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